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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The dinner, the move and the revelation

Okay, so this post is for the entire weekend, so get ready!

By the way. I looked through the traffic statistics of this blog, and apparently fridays are very bad days for bloggers. I get less then half the viewers on almost every friday since I started, a very funny fact. On saturday I'm back up on the usual level again. Freaky friday isn't it?

Saturday - The street gym and the mexican dinner!
First I and Annika took a walk through town, trying to discover some of the smaller alleys and places we haven't been to yet.

As I they say: With canon, you can!

After seeing the most beautiful graveyard ever as well as some really nice alleys, we came across this:

At the evening we finally managed to get Anke to open her door (we actually was there before and knocked like crazy but she didn't notice anything at all). Then after checking out her amazing view (will have to go there and take some pictures some day before she moves) we went to this mexican restaurant in Ocean Village that was okay, but I think they forgot to use any spices.

Sunday - Moving to Kai and Hyunil's place
This day we started packing some stuff and moved them to the new place. Although when taking a little closer look it wasnt as nice as I first had thought. Before I say anything, I would just like to point out that I don't blame Kai or Hyunil for this.

In our room there was VERY old furniture, and I thought that well this will work. The bed is very stiff, the cloth cabinet lost some parts when I opened one drawer and there was some bugs inside. I refuse to have my clothes where there are bugs. We will talk to the land lord tomorrow and see what we can do.

We will see if we live there just november or december as well. I think that we will move out in december to a new place. The sweet girl from Glasgow, Vicky, will help us finding a new place for that.


  1. Hope you guys fix it, cuz I'm not sleeping with the bugs

  2. His name is actually Hyunil... Every time you give him a new one, lol... And... I did warn you!

  3. aaah thats how you spell it! You're an owl, you know that... bird? :P


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