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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go f*ck yourself... + Guess who is coming on Monday!

Okay, this weekend has both been good and bad. Well, let's put it this way, some great hockey nation was 8 freaking seconds from the finals, when another hockey nation "LUCKILY" managed to score. Now this great hockey nation is fighting for the bronze, instead of the gold which we should have.

Anyway. Friday was actually pretty good although the situation didn't look very good at first. Nicky saved the day ;) Thank you!

Friday dinner with friends

After everyone for different reasons bailing on me on Friday (very unfortunate) I found myself cooking for only me, Kai and Fredrik. Then as a miracle, when shopping for ingredients, Nicky pops up and says "I'll come!" and even brought some friends, one of them we just randomly found in Morrisons. We were back up to 6 people and cooking it was!

The evening turned out kick-ass and they didn't even spit out the food I made! I guess noodle-wok with Chinese spices was a good combination. We played drinking games (not all of us was drinking), Wii (sober and then drunk) and talked about random stuff and just enjoyed a really nice Friday evening.

Saturday Ice Hockey -> Drinking with the Stanislavs

Well as you read earlier in this blog post, we suffered a bad beat and unfortunately this great Hockey Nation, even though playing the best game in the tournament, didn't reach the finals. We put so much pressure on the Czech Republic, which beat us earlier in the tournament very easily, and was actually about to win, when they poke in a goal literary the last seconds. Shit happens I guess, but we really played a good game in general. Our goalie was fabulous, our forwards warriors and defenders brilliant. I wonder what went wrong?

Later I joined up with Stanislav and Annie and we had such a good time in Ocean Village. Drinking beer, eating bad stuff, and we even took a little trip to Irish Town, checking out the places there. We also managed to meet a bit tipsy comedian in the Casino (wont mention his name), and he gave me a good laugh. "I'm thirsty!" he yelled to the waiter, while waiting for the next hand to be dealt to him.

Then suddenly, when I started talking about Ice Hockey... THE FREAKING DEALER turned out to be from CZECH REPUBLIC! Of course he had to humiliate me, so I went outside and took my aggression out there instead of his face. :P

Sunday cleaning, preparing and... eating?

What will I eat today? I have no idea. I'm not hungry and I don't feel like eating anything. Well I guess I'll find something somewhere.

Anyway, today I will have to tidy up the apartment, as Rosi is coming tomorrow and visiting me for two weeks. I haven't seen her since I was eight or something!

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to say her name in English... gah, I guess I'll have to ask her tomorrow :P

No weird thoughts, she's my distant cousin.


  1. Haha, pathetic.

  2. lol, still hanging around are ya? ;)

  3. Yeah, couldn't miss you <3

  4. @Tom: I have many, but you are one of the best! ;) Btw, how is everything going?

  5. hehe. Yeah it's going alright actually! My contract here has been extended, so that's good news. Still disappointed about PS but oh well.

    Personal life is good too. I lost 25 KG since January so I'm getting in better shape too. Feels very good I must say!

    Still follow your blog every now and then, just a little bit lurking however.

    Everything alright over there?

  6. Oh well what to do, what to do. Its nice to hear its not going too bad at least!

    Everything is great here, summer is here :) Beach and party time you know ;) hows the weather at your place?


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