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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadaffi arrested on my birthday

Well that's funny. Apparently they caught the bastard... on my freekin' birthday. Now, how good birthday present isn't that? ;)

I want to thank you all for the nice birthday wishes. It kept me in a good mood all day, while I was applying to jobs within the gaming industry. Now when Håkan got a job at Google, it seems like it is not impossible to get jobs after all.

It's good that my personal projects are starting to become something more than just ideas. Got two other people onto the project now.

Learning more about Social Media Management...

I have recently started following, since he actually seems to be a quite cunning Social Media Specialist. I would recommend anyone interested in this area to check out his blog. It sure taught me one or two things I hadn't thought about before.

Anyway, now I am off to eat some awesome Chicken Tikka Masala at Charlie's Tavern in Ocean Village. See you tomorrow!

(the picture is taken from, excellent artist)

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