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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good and bad stuff about Gibraltar

Now when it is getting closer to "should I stay or should I go", I started thinking about Gibraltar and why I would want to stay... or go.

Here is my top 5 of the good and bad things about Gibraltar:

Top 5 good things with Gibraltar
  1. Hardly any wasps
  2. The long summers
  3. The work opportunities
  4. The party life
  5. The people

Top 5 bad stuff about Gibraltar
  1. A social bubble. Same people, same parties, same everything
  2. Small benefits when starting a family
  3. A lot of the local companies/people have no idea what they are doing (like Find a Property)
  4. Expensive apartments
  5. Stupid tourists


  1. I would have stayed and visit Sweden during the holidays. :)

  2. "the work opportunities".. i am not quite sure that there is much to do in little Gib in comparison to, for example, Sweden :)

  3. Work per square feet is definitely higher, you know? ;)

    And well, right now maybe not but generally there is many companies to work for in such a small town.

  4. yeah, there are quite a few companies... the question is, can they offer you "your dream job?" ;)

  5. Maybe, yes. :) There are maybe 2-3 that are really nice. But then you also have to think about that the road to the "dream job" is not as easy as you might think. In order to get to the top of the stairs, you need to first start walking the steps.

  6. yeah, definitely. i am not saying that it is easy. in my opinion (you don't have to agree, and no one has to), Gib is not the place of opportunities. as many like to say, it is a train station. i mean, you come from amazing country, believed to be on the best places in the world to live in. don't forget that :)
    still in the end i can only say: good luck!

  7. Maybe, maybe not. Depends who you are and what you are looking for. For me there are at least 2-3 jobs (which is a good amount imo) that could take me straight to my dream job in the future (if I don't realize that maybe I already found it).

    As a Swedish movie character once said: I got a plan ;)


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