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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The average guy at a club

Hi everyone! Just came home from a night out in Gibraltar... a bit drunk, but not too much. Tonight I have analyzed the different kind of guys that goes to clubs and what their strategies are. Brace yourselves...

Five common types of guys

1. The hopeful hunter: This guy goes from one girl to another and forces himself upon her (putting his arm around her and being kind of honest about what his intentions are).

2. The charming stalker: This guy sticks around wherever the girls goes. Sooner or later, he is there. Trying to make a small chat or whatever. Trying his best to look cool, talk about something "interesting" or asking the right questions. Charm is his weapon, although he might not be a skilled user of it. One thing is certain though, he wont give up unless the girl hocks up with someone else or tells him directly "NO!"... and maybe not even then.

3. The dancer: This one is quite common. He dances you up and gradually gets closer and closer until it becomes obvious that the girl is on the same track or is not interested.

4. The generous one: This guy buys the girl drinks to keep her interested, happy and in the end drunk enough to MAYBE to along with his plan. This plan seem to work amazingly well with people in Gib. Not that I ever tried... I'm to cheap. :D

5. The pathetic one: This one tries to convince the girl to become interested in him, even though he already know he lost the race. He can even say "Why not?", "Please!?", "Come one!" or "Just this one!"

Who was I before and who am I now?

I have always been more of the guy that swoops in and tries to win over the chicks with my witty comments and irresistible charm. So far it has worked fine, so I'm quite happy about my strategy. Although it does get tricky when the girl is partly interested, but either is playing hard to get or is not really convinced yet. Then you don't know if you should stop trying or hang in there with the risk of looking too desperate or "easy to get" (which I'm not. I'm fuckin' HARD to get, capish?!). Thankfully I wont need to worry about this anymore. :)

Right now I'm not one of these types, I'm rather the "hang-around-being-social-until-I-get-too-tired-and-only-can-think-of-my-bed" guy. Girls are off my radar, since I'm into guys now... not. :D

Btw. The people on the pictures have nothing to do with the text next to them. I just picked them randomly.

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