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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A shift of generation

Can you really define when a new generation starts and an old one dies out? Is it not as hard as defining what is REALLY "normal"? Anyway, while reading the news on the net I figured that right now must be some kind of generation change.

Charlie Sheen's out, Ashton Kutcher's in!

One old pathetic pathetic party boy is going away, while another one is entering the stage. Of course I am talking about the whole "Two and a Half Men" circus. Not only has the main character reflected the life of the actor, but it was succeeded still doing so after a shift of cast.

Is not Ashton Kutcher starting to look more and more like a young Charlie Sheen? Let's go back to this blog post in 30 years and see how right I was.

Steve Jobs is out, "Google Guys" is in!

Even though Jobs still has a few surprises prepared for the next couple of years, it has been interesting to see how the fresher brains Sergey Brin and Larry Page has gradually stolen the spotlight of good ol' Jobs. You cannot compare them as competitors, but rather as geniuses of their time. Steve Jobs had his boom long ago and managed to keep the ball rolling to this day, but in my opinion, the greatest surprises has already been revealed. The rest is pretty much "good marketing", rather than amazing inventions. I mean, Ipad 2, Iphone 5... simply enhanced versions of the same thing, carefully planned to make more money.

The Google Guys on the other hand have still some way to go before they can properly conquer the world like Steve Jobs once did. They may have a lot, true, but I think their greatest achievment is still waiting to be revealed. Anyone can make a search engine, good or bad, or an online spreadsheet, or a good email service... even a social network! If you look at it, most things they have done is copies of other peoples ideas. Usually with smarter marketing, better solutions, but copies still.

I believe in Google, and their brightest day is still to be had. You go guys!

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