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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keep your hands where they belong...

I just came back, a bit drunk, from my big birthday celebration. Although I am a bit annoyed that someone was not so nice to a dear friend of mine, I am pretty satisfied with my birthday celebration. It was fun, most of my friends where there and I got a nice "Rena Rama Rolf" DVD to hang around my neck.

Thanks everyone for an amazing party. I hope I see you all again soon.

Marketing vs. IRL: The ice breaker

When you are out partying you often come across something one may call "ice breakers". It is the phrase that people use to initiate a conversation with you. Todays ice breaker was: "How are you? What are your plans now?". When you think about it. The ice breaker principle not only applies to parties, but to the way you communicate with your customers in a company.

When communicating to your customers, you need a good ice breaker. Think of it like you are in a club and want to pick up a girl. You don't want to use whatever everyone else is saying. You want to be original, but still  not be to "far fetched", so to speak.

"Are you out of premium credits? Maybe I can help!". If you are playing a game, would you not consider learning more after hearing this phrase?

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