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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic... what to play?

As most of you guys know, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is being released on 20th of December (or so it has been said) and expectations are sky high. My expectations has sunken quiet a bit since the first announcement though. The more I learn, the more disappointed I get.

So... what will I play?

Jedi Knight versus Smuggler

My initial thought has always been smuggler, but after learnt a lot about it, it is only still interesting in a story/RPG point of view. The game play looks pretty lame and the fact that a smuggler CAN in fact beat a Sith Lord in a combat at all is just unrealistic to me. A force wielder should kick a Smugglers ass any day. But Game Balance sometimes demands things like this to happen... understandably but unfortunately.

Since my guild is playing the light side of the force, I will probably go for Jedi Knight. I mean, why play a Star Wars game and not be a "lightsaber class"? ;)

I was thinking about the consular, but it seems like they are pretty much a mage/priest in gameplay perspective, I am not really interested. I was hoping that they would be a more powerful version of the Jedi Knight, but with slower power regeneration and faster exhaustion, to balance things up. But my idea of a consular might be totally wrong...

Todays big lol: Sheldon Cooper does it again!



  1. i just hate this MMO balance talk. #1 reason not to play any MMO.

  2. I know what you mean. Balance can really make a game annoying, but somehow it is still vital for the game's survival. Although I would have liked a more complicated balance type a-la Starcraft (rock, paper scissors) instead of just mirroring a lot of things to make it easier.

    Jedi should perhaps be one class, where a subclass is consular or knight, while each subclass could be more customized in a more advanced skill tree.

    Then I would have liked to see Droid/Cyborg as a class tbh. Very interesting imo.


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