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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The "Leaking" Strategy of Marketing

It does feel nice when things are starting to roll in my direction. My recent productivity boost has started to pay off. I even got missed by a falling rock and escaped death today. It is amazing what you can do to increase the chance of things come your way. But what are the game companies doing? Is "leakage" the new viral trend?

Is the EA Spouse just a viral marketing strategy?

This one is really hard to crack, at least for me, but the blogger that is called "The EA Spouse" might be an internal trick to create publicity. The thing is that much of what was originally "leaked" through this blog was negative. As they say: "All publicity is good publicity". But it might also be something else. An entrepreneurial spirited blogger, maybe even the real thing! Who knows? That's the thing with leakage, you can never really be sure.

To get to more every day "leakages", which seem to be the new name of "Announcement from company PR Department". Sometimes a song from a game gets "leaked", sometimes the beta, sometimes the demo gets out too early. In some cases you can even see movies filmed by amateurs claimed to be taken in secrecy. Also, have you ever thought about why some companies at live events to closed parties says "No cameras allowed or what we are about to discuss next"? Of course somebody will film it, put it on Youtube and create massive headlines everywhere. That's a good way of getting really cheap advertising. Just be smart.

I am aware that I have a little negative tone here, but in fact, I would like to finish off this blog post by saying that I actually admire this kind of marketing strategies.

Here is some typical leakage webcast on the Sony Playstation 4:

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