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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sugar rush!

I have been on the Low Carb High Fat diet now for a while, with the exception of doing what the hell I want once or twice during the weekend. Yesterday I made a very... sweet milkshake. Vlada got so annoyed at bed time that she had to say "shut up I want to sleep!" to finally get my corn hole to close. It is amazing how many things you feel you want to philosophize about when you are high on sugar.

Tonight we are doing a Rock Band + milkshakes to experiement our performance with a lot of sugar in our system. Will our performance increase... or cause DISASTER?!

Watching the Schulman Show

Recently I have started watching this Swedish online show where this guy Alex Schulman (who might think he is a bit bigger than he actually is) is inviting a famous person and then laugh about some Youtube-videos or special topics that they find amusing/disgusting. I must say that I'm finally coming around. The show is not that bad.

Although... I must say that he does not do well in front of a camera. In the picture to the right of this text he kind of looks like he had a rough night with Hulk Hogan and lived to tell the tale.

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