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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please spank me if I have been bad.

Before getting into what the heck the title in this blog post means, I need to express my feelings about Google removing the search engine words statistics feature. This is a quote from Google's announcement about it:
What is the impact of this change for webmasters? Today, a web site accessed through organic search results on (non-SSL) can see both that the user came from and their search query. (Technically speaking, the user’s browser passes this information via the HTTP referrer field.) However, for organic search results on SSL search, a web site will only know that the user came from
I might consider moving my blog to Wordpress after this, honestly. Anyway, today I will talk about games that punish you when you have been a bad bad boy/girl.

High Punishment: EVE-Online

The most fun AND the most boring MMO I have every played is EVE-Online. The reason why I have and always will love this game is that it punishes you for your mistake more closely to the real life. This is also sometimes a bad thing. It takes time to build something up, but it can be taken away in a blink of an eye. That could cause momentary motivation loss. This combined with the "playing solo" part can make this MMO so boring that I want to puke. It is a love/hate relationship!

Low Punishment: ANNO 2070

The ANNO games have always been very nice to you. Worst thing that happens is when you go unprepared to war, but otherwise you are pretty much safe and got all the time in the world. The latest ANNO game: ANNO 2070 is soon coming out and it does look very interesting. The multiplayer seems to have become a more central role in this game and you have bigger space for customization.

High Punishment vs. Low Punishment: Different game types for different moods. It equals a game of tension and excitement versus a laid back and relaxing game where you got all the time in the world.

Here is a short, but informative trailer on the new ANNO 2070 game:


  1. Wow, a little surprised Google would do that. Are they making people pay for that search information they used to give out for free? Are they trying to turn seo into another money maker for them? Ohh, and I am also addicted to EVE-online, great post :)

  2. Hello Mr. Bricks!

    I'm guessing they might be working on a new business model for Google Analytics, otherwise this decision would make no sense what so ever.

    Thanks, I'm happy you like it! So, what's new in EVE-Online lately? I haven't played for a great while now. Goonswarm taking over or is BoB coming back? ;)

    Cheers, Joakim

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