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Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 5 every day annoyances

After spending a lot of time in entrepreneur spirited meetings I had the misfortune of being annoyed every single minute of the transportation route to and from the places in town where we had the meetings. Therefore I am now forced to make a top 5 of annoying every day things that recently have... annoyed me.

The top 5

HONORARY STAR LEVEL. F*CKING FIRE ALARM GOING OFF EVERY 15 MINUTES! This has been the case since I moved to Gibraltar. Most buildings here seem to have a little troll dry humping the fire alarm button once in a while. This would never happen in Sweden. It's not that it's just annoying, but also dangerous. Imagine if a real fire would start some day...

1. People on the street walking in a "wall formation", looking backwards - noticing that I am trying to squeeze through - and just keeps walking as if nothing happened. WHAT THE FUCK!?

2. People in Morrisons decide to have "meetings" in the middle of the way, blockading all "traffic" what so ever and don't even get the point when there is suddenly a big que of impatient and annoyed people behind them. FUCK OFF YOU RETARDS!

3. People on the street that is about to cross past you and can't decide on which side they should pass you. This is so simple: The standard is to walk on the LEFT side of someone. Cyclists does the opposite.

4. The TV channels have synchronized advertisement. I mean... COME ON!

5. Stores being closed during the weekend. "Let's close ALL of the stores on the weekdays just when people are off work and let's make sure that they wont get a chance during the weekends either. We are not interested at all in making money in our company."

What I have learnt during my time in Gibraltar is that the average IQ is somewhat a hell of a lot lower than in Sweden. No offense if you don't consider yourself to be doing anything of the things above, but if you feel that this describes you pretty well, then I pity you.


  1. Joakim, you just basically listed all the things i am annoyed by here in Gib! :D I would also add construction works on weekends and kids behavior on the streets, in the shops etc.

  2. Yeah, that would probably be a number 6 on the list I guess ;) Although no place is perfect, some things are just too much. I can live with the other stuff on the list, but the fire alarm thingy just grinds my gear.

  3. Well, I don't think the list is complete though :D Lucky you, because you are not girl. Otherwise:

    number 7. Men behaving like animals shouting you all the kind of different things when you pass through

    number 8. Would be a total madness and self suicide to wear mini skirts or put any bright make up which would make you to look "pretty" in Scandinavian standarts

    and also I would add

    number 9. Horrible and polluted air because of high traffic and refinery

  4. Well, it is a top5 ;) But I admit I already violated the top 5 by introducing the star level. :D

    #7: Word. I know how you feel. Lot's of men yell that they want to do me and stuff. Getting kind of sick of it tbh.

    #8: You mean like the young brats trying to look grown up, hanging out outside case mates, just embarrassing themselves?

    #9: True, but there are worse places, trust me. In sweden we got increadibly sweet air though. Probably because the country is so de-centralized.


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