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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Statistics day!

I decided to review my blog statistics. Since I haven't really done much marketing for it (at least that I know of), it has worked pretty well for at least people who Google "Gibraltar" or "Full Tilt Poker" to find my blog... or the little bit more interesting search word people use to find my blog:

Statistics for search words used yesterday...

High Activity equals Quality Traffic?

Actually, the more you blog, the more traffic you get... but is spamming blog posts really attracting quality readers or not? I think not.

You have a higher chance of getting new readers from Google or similar when creating a lot of searchable content. The risk is though that you bore or exhaust your existing readers and will end up with having mostly new non-dedicated readers instead of loyal revisiting readers, which is much more valuable (especially in terms of Viral Marketing).

Here is my overall statistics, starting with the start of my blog (when I was going down for the interview with Guess which peak is about me getting the job and which one is about me being made redundant. ;)

Last weeks interesting posts:

Argh... why is that top post still so damn efficient? I mean, the post it self is NOT THAT INTERESTING! Probably mean I got a bunch of low quality readers. Damn it.

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