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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bethesda versus Mojang

The childish game is still being played. Who the good guys here is obviously Mojang, but really... was this the best move of Bethesda? This feud will probably hurt the company way more than actually letting Mojang use the name Scrolls.

Another sign of inexperience from Bethesda's part. Until this came up I actually didn't think much bad of the company, other than that they made my favorite game into a FPS (Fallout). This is something I can forgive them for. I see the logic in their decision now.

The word "Scrolls" may never be used!

Yes, it is true. Bethesda claims that because they have the Elder Scrolls brand, no company can use the word "Scrolls" in their product. If this logic is to be sustained in all cases, then we will, for example, not see any games with the following in their titles:

- "Age of"
- "World of"
- "Life"
- "Portal"

And so on. You get the picture.



  1. On the other hand, this will never go through. It is not supported in any copyright law afaik? I'm no expert, but still, very unlikely to be judged in favor of Bethesda. Unless there is more to this than just the word scroll, as the game may refer to Bethesda's games in more ways than that word.

    I have not read what this is all about, only seen your blog post so whatever I'm speculating about may be wrong in one way or all.

    //Rob Riedel

  2. Yeah they will never be successful and that's one reason why it is so lame.

    You can read more there! (Swedish!)


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