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Friday, September 30, 2011

The new Syndicate Trailer

After banging my head to a wall a-la- Dr. Cox from Scrubs, because some people can be so frustrating when they don't understand...

... Oh, where was I. Oh yes. I just watched the Syndicate Trailer (the 2011 edition of course from Starbreeze Studios).

One word: Awesome.

Although I was quite skeptic about it being a FPS, I now kind of like it... in a "Mass Effect" kind of way.

Syndicate vs. Fallout 3

Just like Fallout 3, Syndicate was a RPG game taken from a third person perspective and put into first person. Unlike Fallout 3, the new Syndicate might be less of a mockery.

Until I have played it I can't say for sure, but I have a better feeling about this one than I had about Fallout 3: a game that never should have been an FPS. Syndicate is harder to retain as a third person game and with the right people behind it, it might actually still be "Syndicate" all the way through.


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