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Friday, May 6, 2011

Okay, that's it! I've had enough!

I'm really pissed of at the moment. I mean, once it is okay. Twice I could understand, but when it happens time after time after time everywhere I go in this damn town, then I get quite angry. Especially when it is such a serious thing and could mean life or death when it really happens.

What am I talking about? Yes, the fire alarm...

I will die in my bed!

Since I now have NO respect for the fire alarm what so ever, I normally just close the door and falls back asleep whenever it happens during the night. Come on, going up in the middle of the night every week just because the fire alarm system isn't working? No way. If it sometimes happens for real, I will for sure die in my bed.

Important things should be flawless!

An important thing such as a fire alarm system, which could mean life or death, should not malfunction. EVER. If it gets turned on randomly, will it turn on when it really happens? If it does, will people take it seriously? Don't cry wolf someone once said.

When you design a system like this it has to be flawless. Is that so hard to understand? How stupid are you guys that work with these things? Come on, you are practically a potential cause of people dying, because they don't respect the fire alarm anymore! Sabotage! Murderers!

Some things gets me really angry. This is one of them.


Now to a little "treat" so to speak. On my behalf. Last Monday when I won money from my newly arrived boss Per "Illvillja" Wolf, I suddenly find myself being blinded by a Hello Kitty cake being squeezed into my face.

Apparently this little trick was planned for weeks by my fellow colleagues. Also, in addition to the cake, we were actually streaming with video live to our community. Public humiliation!

I'm already plotting my revenge...


  1. Jag menade givetvis slutet av ditt inlägg... Branlarmsepisoden lät inte kül :/

  2. ... and once more we had an alarm...!


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