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Monday, March 29, 2010

I go up the rock and Daniel goes down in poker!

This weekend was the best one so far this year. Really great weekend indeed! Will miss Roz and the adventures and party nights we had! I wish you all the luck in Amsterdam!

After climbing the Rock we had a home game at my place, which I won! The next day, I cut my hair, preparing it for the summer!

Walking unauthorized up the rock

I will post another set of pictures once I've got the pics from Anke and Roz camera. Meanwhile, you will have to be satisfied with Kai's and my camera. Enjoy!

Burning some calories

Damn, I'm stuck!

Now, this wasn't too hard was it?

Half way up! First spotting of a monkey.

Choosing the hard way up the rock.

Finally up! I say top-top!

Really nice pictures... and look, we found Henrik!

Five players, one winner

First of all, Daniel was the first to go. HAH! That's what you get for being cocky to me on Facebook! It was suppose to be a cash game, but nobody re-bought so it was kind of like a SNG-game. I knocked everyone (Daniel, Kai, Tatsu) out until it was only me and Quisqueya left, playing heads-up. After losing a KTo to a AJo, I managed to finally beat her on the river with an Ace high straight, while she had trips of kings or something like that.

Getting shitfaced on a monday!

I went out to Pussers with Roz, Anke, Kai, Rebecca and Jennie to have some kind of goodbye-party for Roz. It was really great and I drank a lot (maybe too many) drinks and had a really good evening. It was long time ago since I laughed this much.


  1. Damn!I passed the gate quickly! - kai

  2. And I love those flowers!

  3. You are crazy! Did´nt you see the big gorilla King Kong?

  4. @Kai: You are my flower!

    @Dad: Yeah but he lives in Sweden, Granvägen 6 in Säter, so I'm safe :P


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