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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belgium Part 1

Hello everyone! Reporting from Ninove, the capital of nothing. Actually, it's kind of like a suburb to Brussels. So far I've been on a tour around this city, but also the city of Ghent. I got some pictures for you!

Btw, I just tasted Duvel, the tastiest beer I've ever tasted. I hope I can find it in Gibraltar.

Btw, to the right we have a typical Belgium Chocolate Store. Got a lot of yum-yum in there.

A walk in Ninove

After arriving this monday, I mainly went to bed as soon as I got home. Then the day after it was time for taking a trip in the smaller town of Ninove, with Hilde and Patrick, and getting to know it a bit better. I also got to taste some special beers, like Maes, Kriek (Mortsubite) and also some Belgium chocolate (real chocolate, I tell you there is a HUGE difference).

Mmmmm Belgium Chocolate. I've never tasted anything like this before. I'm bringing some home to Gibraltar for some lucky fellows to taste, but be quick, cause it goes bad really quickly, like in a few days. Anyways, here's the pictures (note the Abbey Church, which is from the 13th century!)

McDonalds in Ghent

The next day (today) I went to Ghent with Stien and Inka, my two guides for the day. We had a great time, visiting the cathedral of St. Baafs, but it was unfortunately forbidden to take pictures there :(

We ate at some really special McDonalds, that was actually on the bottom floor of a quite old building. Don't think I've seen a McDonalds built in a building like that before.

We also took a shopping trip and I found a t-shirt I liked at Springfield (YAY!) but unfortunately no shirt (DOH!). Well, text is boring, pictures are fun. Enjoy!


  1. Nice pics! Looking forward to see you again!

  2. Belgian beers are the best! Don't forget to try Leffe Dubbel, Tripel, Blond. Hoegaarden Wit when it's nice enough to sit outside.

    Oh and Westvleteren. Probably hard to get, but if you can, don't waste that opportunity and go for it!

  3. @Anke: Thanks! Looking forward to see you too! :)

    @Tom: Leffe, that's kind of a name in Swedish so it sounds kind of funny :P You know everything about beers it seems ;)

    I will keep your words in mind next time I go beer-hunting ;)


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