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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beating Daniel + Three heroes!

Hi everyone. Just have to announce and show you guys the humiliation video of me beating Daniel in singles (badminton). Then I want to tell you about three people that saved my day in one way or another the last couple of weeks (oh isnt that the cutiest thingy EVVAHHH!?).

Daniel goes up... and DOWN!

First Daniel was very cocky and exited about the fact that he beat Jun.

Unfortunately he then faced Kai and then me. The result:

Kim-Kim, Kai, Simeon & Anke

Thanks for keeping me alive! Kim-Kim and Kai fed me when I was sick (I was like a dog), Simeon brought me the holy grail (my computer) and Anke kept me in a good mood when I had too much crazy stuff on my mind. Thanks guys!

I will offer you this picture of a cat to show my appreciation!


  1. I bought you ice-cream. (╯﹏╰)


  2. I knew I forgot someone :P The most important one too :)

  3. you forgot to mention, that was officially the first time you beat me on badminton. You didnt tell people that I kicked your ass so many times before!!!


  4. I challange you anytime my dear Daniel ;)


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