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Monday, March 15, 2010

Summary: My trip to Belgium

Im back home in Gibraltar now and finally got to play Badminton again and see my friends. Although I haven't seen some yet. I'm hoping Kim-Kim wants to hang out with me again soon (I've bribed her with chocolate) :P Missed all the freaks here in Gib.

Chocolate & Beer

Belgian Chocolate is the best. There is nothing that can compete with it. This is the real stuff and it's really really amazing. Also, my new favorite beer: Duvel was really amazing and I will stock up with it now in my frigde. I highly recommend the chocolate and the beer. Also, try asking for a Piemelkaas if you happen to go to a bar in Belgium, that's quite an experience I can tell you.

The Towns

Ninove, Ghent and Brussels was three really nice towns. Ninove is quite small, but is very nice and a good place to live. It has it special things, just the kind of small-town-feeling I like and grew up in.

Ghent was a good place for shopping, looking at historical stuff and just taking a stroll. I really like the inner town and the big church. A good way to go if you like history and stuff.

Brussels, the capital. This is my favorite Belgian city so far. It's a really amazing shopping city and the small alleys, streets and historical sites are amazing! This is a place you have to go and there is so much to see. I really like Brussels, I think I will go there a lot more.

The company

I had really good company and I have to say that I really enjoyed spending time with Stien, Ruben, Hilde, Patrick and Inka.

It was so good that I will keep going there and I will also bring Stien down to Gibraltar as well!

Btw, they made me wear this -->


  1. Yaaay! You really look with those glasses. And even better with the pig thing. You really look like it ;)
    (even though I sound like it :D)

    I'll definatly bring some chocolate when I come over within 18 days! :D
    Too bad I can't bring any Duvel :(

  2. Dang I forgot about the Duvel! Really good stuff as well!

    lol @ piemelkaas btw, what the hell is that about. It doesn't even make sense for me :P

  3. Next time you decide to visit, do so when the weather is warmer. We'll probably take you to Antwerp and/or Bruges then. If you thought Brussels was nice, those two cities alone will blow you mind :p

  4. sounds like a good plan Ruben! Lets do it :)

  5. joakim, you're always welcome to see the rest of Belgium.

  6. Thanks Hilde, I will definitely come and do that. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer I can see Belgium in it's full beauty :) Right now everything is very gray and cold.


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