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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community blog online! Chocked & Amused on my way to work...

We have today officially announced the first Community Blog at the Swedish I have also had a lot of computer problems and I've fixed all but one: To get my optical drive to let me boot from it. I have narrowed down the possible problems to be: #1 DVD Faulty; #2 Optical Drive Faulty or the rumored incompatibility issue with SATA Optical Drives.

Par i Nötter - The Community Blog!

Well, check it out. It got a surprise gift from my freelancers in it!

Aint the pics I made for us cool? :)

Buying two hard drives, I'm going RAID 0!

Today I went to Digital Corner and told them to order two hard drives for me. I need two 500gb 32mb cache hard drives so I can make my RAID 0 setup. My computer will be ultra fast and perfect for gaming! YAY!

If just the damn optical drive would work! :@

Btw. Anyone got a spare Win7 64bit license I could have? :)

"Look! there's dada!" - WTF did I do 9 months ago?

While I was walking to work, I met this mom with her kid in a stroller. Suddenly she points at me and says "Look! There's dada!" I felt the chills and almost turned blue. Then I realised that I've only lived here since October and I don't think I ever got that drunk really. The "real" dada was behind me lol.

After that I amused myself by finding a very "hard-to-shit" dog poop. It was like vertical, like perectly balancing on the short side. How did the dog pull that off? I was advised not to go public with the picture I took of it, because people in white robes will come and take me away, but I thought I should amuse you with the story at least. :)

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