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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bon voyage! + Crazy Statistics! EDIT: Video inside!

Hi everyone! This is my last blog post before I go to on my trip to Belgium. Before I go, I would like to share my INSANE statistics boost when I blogged about the EPT Berlin Robbery.

Almost well now - Great timing!

I have been sick the last couple of days, but today I'm feeling much better. Almost completely well! Just a little cough left (hopefully).

I guess staying in bed, eating Kim-Kim and Fredriks Vietnamese Noodle Soup and playing Fixed Limit worked out pretty well! Perfect timing now when I'm going to Belgium!

Beating the record by ~400 hits?

In my last blog post I talked about and summarized the most important parts of the ETP Berlin 2010 Robbery, which turned out to be quite a success. From my old record of 80 visitors in one day, I yesterday topped that with the total amount of 458 visitors!

Just have a look and try to imagine the heart attack I almost got when I saw this:

See you on Saturday!

Time for me to get everything ready for the trip to Belgium. My plane leaves around 16:15 and will be in Belgium around 19:00 sometime. Got to make sure I got everything now. And YES I will remember the passport this time! ;)

EDIT: Video from last Friday!

Here's the video from the party I was on two days ago. It was the welcome party for the newcomers. Enjoy! (note how kick-ass Melvin is when he is dancing)


  1. Enjoy your Blog upswing :D

  2. My man goes to Belgium! Enojy mate.

  3. @Koaesica: Yeah, my one-day-upswing :)

    @michaelm: Thanks! It's going to be great! I really need this week, looking forward to it!

  4. upswing: cuz your blog sucks usually

  5. Hidden fail inside!

  6. @Anonymus: Your blog sucks more ;) That's why no one is reading it ;)

    MOAHAHAHA I'm so bad!


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