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Saturday, March 6, 2010

EPT Berlin Robbery + Sickness! + Happy B-day Yukiko!

Hi everyone! Lying in bed, checking everything on the internet and taking care of stuff that Im otherwise to lazy/busy to do - like cleaning my computer up from crap. Anyway, there was just a robbery at EPT Berlin 2010. I have some news about it.

Happy birthday dear Yukiko. I hope that your birthday will be great and that you get a lot of games to play!

Armed men with masks

Today European Poker Tournament in Berlin was attacked by masked men with big knifes. Hearing the story from one of the people there it seems like it was 3-4 men that suddenly barged into the tournament area. People were running for their lives and tried to hide and some places. The good thing is that nobody got hurt and the armed men only went inside, took a bag of money wroth around €700 000 and left.

Getting better I hope?

I think I'm slowly maybe getting a tiny bit better now with my cold. I hope that I get well enough to be allowed on board to the aircraft, but that shouldn't be any problem. I'm going on my vacation and nothing and no one can stop me! :)


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Joakim (and sorry I didn't comment earlier!). I wish you could sometimes post a nice pic of me - I think people who read this blog think I'm some kind of a freak! :op Terrible news btw about the robbery, thank ____ (<--insert preferred deity here) that no one was hurt. :)

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  3. wow it's amazing what people do for money, and what will happend when money it's not enough ? or when we fight for water and food ?


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