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Friday, March 12, 2010

Belgium part 2

Alright, part 2 of the logg over my days in Belgium. I've eaten too much chocolate, so right now I've got a suger hangover and a huge headache. I've got some more pictures for you as well. I went to Brussels yesterday and today I've just taken it easy and relaxed.

Getting shitfaced in Brussels

Yesterday (thursday) I went to Brussels with Hilde and Patrick. It was freezing cold and early in the morning, but we managed to find some interesting historical places that I could photograph for you with Patricks pro-camera.

After the tour they took me to their favorite bar, where all their colleagues use to go at their lunch break. This day, they decided to drink a lot of beer, and the beers just kept coming. They re-bought several times and while I was drinking one, there was still two other beers waiting for me. I met some of their crazy colleagues and had some very intelligent discussions.

All in all, the day was really good! I also had a game night with Ruben and got my ass kicked in Tekken 6 (although I kicked his ass in Soul Calibur IV).

Playing games, eating REAL kebab-roll!

Today (friday) I've mainly been taking it easy hanging around with Stien. I ate some more Belgium Chocolate (too much though) and we watched a lot of TV. Their small but crazy dogs were all-over me. Dogs love me for some reason.

In the end of the day Stien, Ruben and I went to this Kebab-place and got a Dürum, which is just like a Swedish Kebabrulle (Kebab-roll) and I havent tasted this beautiful peace of dish in quite a while, so I was mighty satisfied. We finished off the day by playing some wii-games, watching youtube and then Stien and I watched (or will watch after I post this blog post) some Belgian movie with English subtitles (YAY!)

Going home! A summary post will come!

Unfortunately all fun things must come to an end. I will have to go home to my bitches in Gibraltar, which isn't too bad, but I've had a fantastic time here in Belgium and I will miss the people here a lot. It will feel tough to leave them at the airport tomorrow :(. The good thing is that it will not take long until I get some visits in Gibraltar instead :)

I will post a summary post soon with some more pictures that you haven't seen already as well as just some general thoughts and tips about Belgium.


  1. Sounds like you've had a good time. Next stop the Netherlands? ;)

  2. haha why not! It's wonderful up here!

  3. @Tom: Belgian people don't like Dutch people :P

    @Stien: Now I'm too afraid to go to the Netherlands :P


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