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Monday, April 5, 2010

Walking up the rock again + Badminton practice again!

Hi, nothing much to report really, sorry for the delay though. Last Friday Stien arrived, and since then we have gone up the rock, walked around in town and then I've also had some badminton practice. Today we were going to see the dolphins but as you see, the weather sucks.

Will summarize the week later with some pics from the rock trip as I don't have the pictures yet.

National Championships on Friday!

Had the final official practice before the championships start again on Friday. Started to play really good and Philip taught me how to serve properly. It was really fun and I think I'm now almost ready for the "real deal". Well... I will get my ass kicked but if I end up second to last I will still be happy!

What to do today...

I think we will go play some board games with Philip later today, as the dolphin thing obviously now is out of the question.

What we do in the office all day

I guess one of my freelancers (jockye) figured out what we are doing all day in the office. :P

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