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Monday, March 1, 2010

An apology + Pictures + Granada + Belgium

Hi! First of all I would like to apologize for writing inappropriate things on my blog without thinking first. I am aware of that somethings should not be too public and I guess I just didn't think this time. My mistake and I take full responsibility for it. It is now removed and it will not happen again!

Once again, I'm sorry and I hope there's no (too) hard feelings!

Here's some Paintball Pics!
I re-calculated my kill rate, and it's actually 6, as I actually only got hit for real once and I hit 6 other people.

More might come at a later date.

Granada on Saturday!
Quis has organized this amazing trip to Granada this weekend and I'm convinced it will be kick-ass. I strongly recommend more people to sign up for this, as her last thing (the carnival) was way over expectations.

Quis is a great party planner and know's how to have fun in Spain!

I will be there from Saturday to Monday and then I'm off too...

Belgium on Monday!
Right after the Granada trip I will be off to Belgium! :O Yes you heard right, BELGIUM! Actually I found out I had 4 holidays I had to use before the end of march, so I looked up some tickets and found some for only €60, there and back. I will have a great time there and apparently I have my own guide there during my stay at my friends place.

Who knows, I might even run in to Elias while I'm there. Belgium is quite small, isn't it?

Got my badminton racket!
Finally I got the badminton racket and the shuttlecocks I ordered through David. Thank's a lot mate! I look forward trying them out tomorrow on the badminton practice.

I hope I'm not too sick tomorrow, cause I'm having fever today and feel like I'm having a cold. Damn! not when I'm going away this weekend. I hope I will be fine by friday. PLZ!

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