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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Championship or not? Playing poker!

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Sorry about that! Well what I can update you on is three things (as usual?). The first thing is that I bought a new computer for approx. €1000 in total, which is a pretty good price for the stuff I've got in there! The second thing is that me and Fredrik might play in the national championships in Badminton together and the third and last thing is that I've started to play profitable in the Fixed Limit strategy in Poker.

1000 - computer!


8gb memory, i5 processor, ASUS EAH5770 with 5.8 oz CuCore (graphics card) and a nice and neat P55UD5 Gigabyte Motherboard. Pretty good deal I must say! That also includes my 23 inch monitor as well as a speaker system and a very pretty and effective case.

Got some problems with it thought. First I couldn't get it on, but turns out I only missed the power cable for the CPU. Now I'm struggling with it to boot from the DVD-drive, which it doesnt want to do.

Picture will come when I got everything working!

National Championships in Badminton!

Me and Fredrik will (as it looks like now at least) compete together in the double. We are not the best, but at least we are improving quite a lot lately, so hopefully we will have a chance at not coming last. :)

I think Fredrik and Kim-Kim will play mixed doubles as well, and Fredrik the Singles (not sure of that yet though).

Wish us good luck, we will need it!

Fixed Limit here we go!

I've started playing Fixed-Limit Hold'em now, at micro limits, but I've learnt the basic strategy and have just started to master the micro limits, in a bit I will advance up, but not until my bankroll management have told me so ;) I will update you more on this as I progress!


  1. I have also started playing Fixed-Limit Hold'em - requires a complete change in thinking vis a vis No Limit.

  2. Another bot that recognizes key words in blog posts. Quite obvious when it links to a poker site ;) Don't know why you try to advertise at my blog as I'm already advertising actively to, which is Ladbrokes Partner.

  3. You're welcome for all my help with your computer by the way.


  4. Under what handle and on what site do you play?

  5. Did you tell your mom you are gay before you announced publicly that you want Simeon's babies? She might want to hear it from you before everyone else knows...

  6. @Tom: No way, you will just go and tell Isildur! :P No but Full Tilt Poker, mail me your's and I'll mail you mine :) Don't wanna post mine public cause of the risk.

    @Nadia: I could try that, but Michael already did that with his parents and if I did it, it would be like copying him. Can't do that!

  7. Hey, Joakim Its Keiron from badminton :) commented on your blog before.

    Was just wondering what your handle is in FTP? Dunno how to mail here ^_^

  8. Hi dude! It's not wise to write handles publicly on the net, but mail me at milliwayz[at]gmail[dut]com and I'll tell you :)


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