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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh god, I'm hooked!.. or choked?

Star Wars: The Old Republic: A game that I really look forward to, for two reasons:

  1. Really fantastic universe, Star Wars is fantastic.
  2. Bioware and Lucasarts are geniouses of Game Design, and are making a very different type of MMO-development. Not only will all characters (including PC-character) have voice-acting, they have also made promises about un-linear gameplay experiences.

I have fallen to the Dark Side

Due to my fall to the dark side, the hype, I have condemned myself to months of pain. I want to play this game so badly that it hurts. REALLY! I refresh their website every 15 minutes, hoping for new information about the game or maybe even a BETA *orgasmic*.

Hype will not only lead to endless longing for playing the game, it will also build up my expectations to the roof. I will no doubt be disappointed once I finally get to try the game out.

Right now it feels like it's the best game ever and you can do ANYTHING and all that stuff, but deep down my Game Designer self tells me that it can't possibly be that perfect.

If I hadn't fallen to the hype, I would instead been supprised by the game and all its features - By having no built up expectations, it's less likely to be disappointed.


How to avoid hype

STAY AWAY FROM THE GAME UNTIL NEAR RELEASE! Only visit the website or read news about the game until 2 months BEFORE release. That will save you from the pain of hype. God, why don't I ever listen to myself?

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