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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why the FUCK is this blog post so interesting?

Ok, enough!

I'm getting really pissed off that I can't figure out why THIS blog post has gotten so many views. Still, this month, it is my highest ranked blog post and I posted it like a YEAR AGO! It is not really THAT interesting. It is as a matter of fact my number one ranked blog post EVER.

I'm guessing it is unintentional smart SEO. I guess most surfers or beach guys are accidentally getting into this post when they are googling "wake board" or whatever.

SOE test: Wake Board, Knee Board, Beach, Water, Buy, Sell

Let's see if this post manages to get a lot of hits. Let's, for the sake of it, attach a few pointless pictures as well...


  1. lol, during ONE day that one year old blog post got half as much hits as this freshly posted one. Amazing...


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