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Monday, September 19, 2011

Game Design: The most natural level-up system!

I was thinking, while sitting in the bathroom (isn't it amazing how bright you get sometimes, like when you are suppose to sleep or do... something else?) about how game developers deal with their leveling systems. I wonder if they are thinking about the same aspects that I am...

To make things simple, I'll just explain the key levels...

How you level up as a human being

Level 0: You are born. You got no skills other than being able to exist (eat, cry, sleep, shit etc.).

Level 1: You are experienced enough to try out your first few skills: Crawling and Grabbing.

Level 2: You are advancing in your crawling skill and can now walk around, although in a limited area. You are also practicing more advanced communication.

Level 3: You have mastered the skill of movement and advanced communication and for this you are granted more privileges and trust from your masters.

Level 5: You are now ready for a training program in order to develop your more advanced skills. You now measure the results in attributes (Mind and Body).

Level 8: Your Mind and Body attributes are now high enough to grant you freedom (to a certain limit) to go on your first adventures, together with a fitting party of companions of course.

Level 13: You have now earned the privileges of managing your own free time. The first chains are broken from your masters and you might even get your first paid job, by securing a low level humans safety and well being for an evening or so. You are also introduced to another gender and all what comes with it. Although, you also learn of rules and ethics in this area.

Level 16: You have much greater freedom and are even allowed to use a vehicle for transportation. You also now have a private life that your masters will respect, to a certain degree. Partnership with the other gender is now allowed. You are also introduced to more advanced jobs/adventures, but expectations in your ongoing training program is also getting higher.

Level 18: You are now 100% free from your masters and can decide your future as you see fit. Congratulations, you have finished the main campaign of your life. You can still level up, but how you do it and what privileges you earn is totally up to you.

Do you agree/disagree?


  1. It's a lovely concept but you're not the first one to come up with it - in fact, McSweeney's editor Christopher Monks wrote a book based on the same idea - the book is called "The Ultimate Game Guide To Your Life" and I recommend it as light reading. (

  2. Ah, cool! Great minds think alike! :)


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