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Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 5 ways to gain social respect

I have recently been thinking about the different ways people act in order to feel important, or to feel that they can gain respect from people around them. Here is my top 5 of the most common ways that people do this. 1 is obviously the one I am most okay with, while 5 is the one that attracts me the least.

Before we start judging others, let's judge myself! Probably 1, 3 and 2, in that order. I'm always trying to be a good friend, but I really like to show off and sometimes I might do something crazy, just to give someone else a good laugh. :)

1) The Friend

This is the strategy I admire the most. In order to gain a high social status, this guy works hard at being a good friend, doing favors, without asking anything in return.

He or she of course likes to make people aware of how good friend he or she is, but in the end people see this person as a really nice guy that they could trust.

2) The Crazy Person

Who doesn't love the crazy guy who jumps over the fence and steals a chicken, or says inappropriate things to his teacher in front of the class, for a good laugh. This person risks himself in order to gain respect.

People would probably see this person as a funny guy that you could have a laugh about, but maybe not invite to your wedding.

3) The Specialist

This person is someone that always keeps pointing out that every movie sucks, except if it is a movie you obviously haven't heard of and cannot judge yourself, or that he/she is always right and know "a little bit" more than you about a subject. If he or she (gah, let's just say "he" from now on, ok?) might realize that he is the less wiser kid, he will Google your brains out until he can show you ONCE AND FOR ALL that he knows everything.

You can tolerate him, at a certain degree. I, myself, would not be able to hang around with this type of person for more than maybe a week without exploding of frustration, but many people see this person as a smart guy, but very annoying and would consider choosing other people as friends/girl or boyfriends. No one wants to argue about every single topic just to know that you have to forfeit your opinion in order to avoid world war 3.

Yes, this type annoys me, so it deserved some more text than the other types. :P

4) The Rich Guy 

The second worst is the guy who think he can buy anything or anyone. "Money is power, money is respect!". This person will spend more than he or she can just to look like the cool rich guy who can get what you never could.

The only people that really likes (or fake likes), is the ones that are trying to parasite of this persons wealthy life style. Misery.

5) The Bully

The topic says it all, doesn't it? Well, if you don't have brains, you have to use your fists right? Although I have to disagree with myself there, since some bully's actually use their wits to f*ck people over. All this mental or physical violence just so that people would respect you out of fear. Yay, great way to go. Road to happiness! Yeah!.. not.

EDIT: Maybe there is another one that should be mentioned. The "Talent". I'm not 100% sure about this one, but some people do get a lot of respect simply because they are good at something, really, without bragging around about it (like the specialist would do).

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