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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've got an interview!

Finally some things are starting to happen. On Saturday I am going for an interview for a position where I would work with marketing and PR (viral marketing!!!!) for a limited time based project. It feels very exciting and it is definitely something I could pull off. Although it would feel good to have a couple of options.

Companies recruit in the autumn...

The thing is that most companies make public quite early what they need, but don't start the recruitment process until much later. For the company, this is a brilliant strategy. You get lots of choices and nothing is rushed. For the person who is looking for a job and currently is unemployed, this is a pain. It is how it works, but still, a pain.

I am estimating some feedback during September-October, but if it takes longer I am going to consider moving on maybe to another country. I can't wait forever. There is opportunities elsewhere as well.

Is having a choice good or bad?

But what happens if/when I get some options? Let's say more than one company is interested in hiring me? Well this is a luxury problem that is very unlikely to happen... but I have been in this position before. Fortunately I did the right choice back then, but will I make the right choice this time?

One possibility is that I get to choose between one job which is much like a "gamble", while the other one is a safe shot. Should one gamble with jobs or go safe? Honestly I have no idea. Going safe always feels good, but taking a chance might be a awesome shortcut to a very successful career.

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