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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So busy... but I've been wake & kneeboarding!

Hi everyone! Sorry for being so bad with the blogging, but as I'm blogging at two sites at the same time it's taking a lot of my time. Anyway, I got some photos and a video for you! I've been to the Water skii place in San Pedro, two times!

First - Knee board champion!

Even though the video below shows me failing, I managed to get really good after it. Once up on the board there is usually no problem at all, it is only in the starts I have a problem, after that I'm the king of the world.

I was there with Stanislav, Annie, Kai and Phil. Afterwards we played golf at the nearby golf place. A really fun and nice day.

Second - Wake board fail!

Okay, it is pretty damn hard to manage to start on a wakeboard. I'm sure that once I'm up I will stay up, but the problem is to get up. I am also having the goofy-stance (right foot in front), which makes the start even harder. I just need to practice I guess. :)

It was fun though. Kyle, Jo and Philip Milan was there as well. This time it was only Stanislav, Annie and me that went there originally though.

Summer Party - Awesome!

The summer party was really nice. We had lots of fun, the only problem was that everything ended so quickly. Food, then no food, drinks, then no drinks, music, then no music -> then party over. If it was a bit longer, more relaxed etc I would have loved it much more. Now it felt very stressed, even though it was a really nice party.

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