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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to trick you!

Most of you have heard of the iPhone4, the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S2. All awesome smart phones, right? Isn't it amazing how they can create new phones so fast with so many new cool features?

It's not.

Look, that brick looks prettier than mine, I want it!

The iPhone, for instance, was not created to its full potential. It was created as a nice smart phone, but without any of the REALLY fancy things. This way, Apple could introduce their already prepared special feature in the brand new iPhone 2 (which they release to the market once the original iPhone has dropped too much in price).

Actually, the real difference between a smart phone and its predecessor model is very little. It has a new look, a new new features, but the differences are ACTUALLY so small that you are very gently being tricked into buying almost the same phone for a much more expensive price than the current market value of the original unit.

Mobile Phone manufacturers knows how to market their products, which is why these companies impress me quite a bit. They know how to keep the value up to the top, without really doing much else than changing the name, the look and a few minor details. Remember that much of your smart phone is actually software, which updates for free on your current phone. Old phones not "being compatible" with the latest version is simply a trick to get you to buy the newer model.

Ca'ching! $$$$ - Good job!

Admittedly, I fall more many of these things as well, but I'm trying to get better ;)


  1. How much did you spend on your new phone again? ;)

  2. £400, and it was a good deal. I hope the discussion about what I do and don't do with my money will not come up again, since it pisses me off that people can't understand that what I do with my money is my business.


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