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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 + Job interview = Win!

The mist of confusion and frustration is starting to dissipate. Things are starting to become more clear for me. I have looked into my options, searched my soul and found something I think I was looking for. To cut the bull crap, I bought a new phone... and went to a job interview.

I am half thinking about posting a funny video from friday night, when we were playing drinking games... let's see through the writing of this blog post if I do it or not :P

Samsung Galaxy S2

Amazing phone. I bought a really nice cover for it as well, which I am so incredibly satisfied with. Also, my Phone to HDMI cable just arrived. Means I should be able to stream videos from the web to my TV. Win.

My only problem is getting Spotify to work on it. I upgraded from Spotify Unlimited to Premium, to see if that will let me install it (it worked on my HTC!).

The job interview

I cannot tell you too much, since nothing is final yet and as I'm still not 100% sure if the things we discussed at the interview are for public ears or not, and I don't wanna ruin my chances by blogging something stupid ;)

Long story short: It went quite well, but the final decision is now resting at my possible future employer. Keep your fingers (and toes, as well as your pets paws) crossed for me!

And... no, I'm not posting the video. 


  1. So you're going to leave PS? Or have you already left? It's been a while since I've read your blogs, how's life?

  2. Hi mate! Yeah, since you have been missing out on my blog posts for a while you probably don't know that I and a couple of other guys were made redundant. A lot of things happening in, but nothing I really can go into detail on unfortunately! :(

    But life is good, some new opportunities and challenges coming up now and then. Let's see where I end up though!

    How is life for you, mate?


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