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Thursday, February 25, 2010

No more Hockey :( + Exciting weekend!

Hi everyone! I'm sad to announce that Sweden unfortunately lost against Slovakia. This weekend there's Party, Paintball and Bowling!

Sweden - no Hockey medal BUT gold in curling!...
But it's looking really good in Curling and Skiing! Right now the Swedish Curling ladies are in the Finals, beating China in the semi finals (Kai was so hitting me when we watched it). :P

The Curling ladies are also doing pretty well (THEY ACTUALLY WON GOLD AGAIN), but I just have to show you what they did last time they won:

Goodbye Lars - Der schwans und der arsch!

I think someone got really drunk yesterday. Or well... everyone did. :P lol it was so funny. Had a great time, thanks everyone!

Beware of my kill rate of 2/life!
Pictures will come later, but this was great. I killed 4 people first round, none second and third and last one I killed 2. That makes my kill rate go to 2/life. Succéss! This was pretty fun, but the motha f*cking visor got so foggy that I couldn't even see the ground anymore. THAT SUCKED!

Bowling tomorrow!
Tomorrow there's bowling, going to kick some serious ass there I think. Will provide pictures afterwards. Going to be kick-ass!


  1. You, a serial killer? Good thing you didn't show those intentions in Skövde, or else... ;)

    (I hope you were talking about paintball.)


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