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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Why blog? Why do I bother? Well, the way I see it - why not!?

I was sitting around just now, thinking about something to blog about, and started to think about WHY people blog; why I blog. Is it a need of attention? Is it self-therapy? Well, I think it's a bit of each to be honest.

A public diary

I think of blogs as diaries of a persons thoughts and life. When I die, there is something left. Who remembers someone which they have no data of? Most probably very few people will ever find my blog in a 100 years or so, but what if? It doesn't do me any good, 'cause I will be dead, but in case I get reborn or something, I'll already be famous!.. or not.


I also see blogging as an opportunity to try things out. See what catches peoples eyes (sex & drama), what doesn't (everything else) and how people react to what I write. Sometimes I write something really strange - or provoking - just to see how people will react to it.

My dear test subjects, I love you all (except Andreas Exler and Aurelien because they were mean to me on Facebook, buhu!).

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