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Monday, August 22, 2011

Too believe is to succeed!

To make things clear: I AM NOT CRITICIZING ANYONE IN PARTICULAR! Sometimes people get the idea that I am targeting someone in particular. To save you some frustration: I'm not. I just got something in my head and needed to write it somewhere (like here, in my blog).

Anyway... I think it is important to believe in one self. Have a good self confidence. Know what your strengths are, but more importantly: Know what your weaknesses are. No one is without them.

Don't go too far - It annoys people

If you let your ego take over and just become an annoyance to people around you... it is not really a good quality anymore. The strength is turned into a weakness. Believe in yourself, but believe not only in your strengths, but also your weaknesses. If someone says you are pissing people of by, for example, being a Mr. Know-it-all... you should listen to this person. That's the signal of when you have gone too far.

And yes, I know that I also cross this line sometimes. Sorry about that!

Being right is not always right. Pick your fights, be open to "being wrong". See the advantages of being wrong sometimes. You get more respect, you wont scare people away and you show that everything is not just about "you".

Be open to criticism - Adjust!

Listen to what the people you care about tells you. Don't listen to jerks that might just be jealous or just have personal issues which manifests itself in them being assholes for no good reason. Waste of time and energy IMO. But when you friends give you criticism, that's when you get a really good opportunity to improve.

It sucks to hear something bad about yourself (that you might be desperately trying to hide, even from yourself), but fucking believe me when I tell you that you should listen to it. You don't need to agree or do whatever this person says, but there is always a reason behind the criticism you receive, even if the person got it all wrong. I see it as a great opportunity to learn something.


Hmm, it's funny how pretentious this blog post turned out to feel like. Irony? =P


  1. Agree with you very much ;) it is very important to realize that people close to you are not saying this to offend you, but to help you become better :)


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