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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I found my father in a cave!

I've always taken him for some kind of cave man. Now, I got the opportunity to finally watch his cave-climbing skills in action... down in Gibraltar.

Yes, that's right. He has actually been on an AIRPLANE. It has been around 30-40 years since he last flew. I have to tell you, it is not easy being afraid of flying and having me as a son. Bad combination.

From love to hate

In the last week of July I went to Sweden for my cousin Karin's wedding. Was awesome. Was quite nice to see her without all that evil makeup of hers, even though she looks kind of "The Matrix - Evil Edition" ;)

The very day after the wedding, which I got very drunk at and stole a bottle of wine which me and my other cousin devoured in the car on the way back home... ANYWAY! The day after the wedding I hurled my dad onto a plane to Spain (tihi, I just realized that it rhymes), together with my mom and myself of course.

Epic success! My father turned from a scared old man to a curious little boy, having his face pretty much glued to the airplane window the whole flight.

Cavemen, at heart

I was a little bit worried about taking my old man down Lower St. Michael's Cave. My brother, yeah that's fine, but my dad! What if he fell! I only have one dad! I got two brothers! I'm sure I could spare one... or could I?

Anyway. The second cave adventure, for me, was almost as fun as the first one. This one was a little bit more eventful though. We had a tripping Sherry, a sympathy-"fall into the water, just because Sherry did it"-brother and a very... very scared Jon Smith. He barely said a word the entire journey, even when his wife-to-be was mocking him, calling him a monkey and several other things.

I know what you are thinking, but what can you do, she is from Sardinia... ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures that my parents took of the whole Gibraltar adventure! Enjoy!

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