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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Never... ever... pass out at my place

First of all I would like to apologize to my dear friend Robert and offer him the possibility of screaming at me until I remove the pictures from this blog post. Sorry I didn't ask before I posted, but it would ruin the fifth element (the element of surprise of course!).

A tribute to Robert Olsén

Back in university, first year. Roberts birthday actually! After some drinks and too much fun (can it be too much of that?), Robert slumbered into a deep sleep (I mean it, DEEP!) in my room. Big mistake, my friend.

And yes, somebody bleached my hair - and yes, I know how gay I look. :D

I did the movie in like 5 mins, so feel free to whine about the quality :P


  1. Hahaha. Quite the same thing happened during our LANs when we were younger. The ones who fell asleep got punished.. xD

  2. There's getting punished and then there's this. In my opinion you went way too far. You can't go around just putting a toy on someone who falls asleep.

    I know it's rock 'n' roll and all that but it's downright irresponsible in my opinion. I mean we all did crazy shit in our university days but drugs, excessive alcohol abuse, promiscuity and the odd night in a prison cell are all transient hiccups on our paths towards adulthood.

    This shit stays with the victim and will eat away at your conscience in later life. Please seek help here:

  3. the link doesn't work :(


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