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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being interviewed at the pool

Note to self: 14 43. This is how I should contact my possible future employer, it's all I know about him. Maybe he is a gangster, maybe a savior... or just the average Joe. I have no idea.

iGaming, once more?

I've always loved the concept, so I would definitely be working with something that interests me. The pay was decent as well, for a part time job. Almost my old salary, but only working par time... hmm. I like it.

Oh yes, he wants someone to create a marketing plan and execute it basically. That would be me! It also seems like this is located in Gibraltar. Profit!

Do I want the job?

I am not sure yet, since I don't really know all the details yet. I am also quite excited about the Social Media Manager position at a growing company nearby. I just found out that one of my friends (and neighbor) recently got a job there. Also they work with computer games... well you know how I feel about that ;)

So, at the moment I feel myself being in the situation where you feel that "soon I might have a very hard choice to make". Soon, or rather "maybe". It depends on many things really. If I wont even get an interview then the choice is rather easy.

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