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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why is life not like a game?

Sometimes, I think about the benefits of a game in contrast to real life. What if you could just "load" whenever you do something wrong, or something embarrassing happens. What if I had magical powers, or had an cyber arm that allowed me to do all sorts of "cool boy dream" things.

If I got to choose a game feature IRL...

... then I would choose to be able to load earlier points in life whenever I wanted, or when I was "fragged" (nerd word for "killed"). Oh yes. IRL is how we nerds shorten "In Real Life".

Anyway. By being able to load earlier points in life, you could try different paths, avoid embarrassing situations or be able to stop painful things to happen... like a brother passing away. RIP.

But... if one could do this, would it make one happier? It might even be a ticket to the crazy train, if you know what I mean.

Living the dream, as a hobby!

Well, everyone knows you cant have magical powers (or... can you?!), load earlier points in life or other kinds of unnatural things. Actually I'm kind of happy with having life as it is. Actions, consequences, loss... win! Everything is so much more worth it when you achieve it "in real life" than in a fake reality where you easily could get whatever you want with no effort.

The good thing is that you can still have a taste of these virtual worlds... but as a hobby! Never let your fantasy die. Don't be afraid of living out your dreams and fantasies in other places than in the real world. But what is important is to remember what is real and what is most important in life. Knowing what is the hobby and what is the "life".

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