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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping my fingers crossed...

My CV has now been sent in to a company here in Gib, looking for a Social Media Manager ASAP. I looked through the requirements... PEANUTS! This might be THE job. I just hope I get it.

... calming down...

I think everyone knows that when I'm excited about something, like a good job that I like, there are few ways to stop me... I mean, Fredrik use to tease me because I get excited so easily about tasty food or really weird things.

... god, I really need to calm down.

5 minutes from work

The company is very close to where I live, it is involved in turn-key white label projects, actually with people I might know. It is good pay as well, even though that is not the main priority. Although getting good salary is always good. It is kind of a measure of where you are in a career - how good you are - how much you are worth!

For this position I think I'm quite good actually.

But, what if...

... they wont hire me? Well, here's a "just in case" face-palm for the company to use when they have realized their mistake:

... and YES, I am cocky as hell right now, but it really helps me keeping a good self confidence before the interview (which is always quite good. No one likes to hire Mr. Insecure). =P

Peace out!

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