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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The masters of food + Today is the day!

This blog post is about food and sports, enjoy! Also, see how tasty Kim-Kims cake looks -->

Kim-Kim makes English Breakfast
Forgot to take photos of this, but imagineb the most professional and tasty looking English Breakfast, that was what she made. Omg! Im surrounded with people that makes my life 10x better!.. or at least tastier!

Playing badminton!
Played some badminton with Fredrik, Kai, Kim-Kim and Philip last sunday, and today it is time again. I have ordered a racket for myself and Stanislav also ordered some. We will be a nice little badminton team. Will be great this evening when I get to play again! Can't wait!

Kai makes chinese food
Yesterday Kai made some Chinese food, which we unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, but it was great! Good job Kai! You know how to cook! We had a really good time and Kim-Kim made a really tasty cake as well.

We played Soul Calibur IV like crazy and totally kicked ass. The funny thing is that Anke played it for her first time, and she is freaking awesome! I had to play my best as she managed to get really critical hits all the time! She is bad ass I tell ya!

I also loved to shut Fredrik up by beating him 3 - 0 when he had his precious Voldo. ;) I am victorious! We also unlocked the last character, The Apprentice. Going to buy the "final" character soon, Yoda.

Today, Sweden - Germany
Join in Germans or you that wants to see Germany crushed by the powerful Olympic Gold holders Sweden (me, Henrik and Melvin I guess). 01:30 at my place, see you there!


  1. lol I love your (photoshoped) pic of Kai and also I'm glad u liked the break fast and cake...I'll cook for u guys soon again! :)

  2. @Mangoraja: Im glad you do :) Everytime you cook I feel warm like a monkeys ass :)

    @Tom: WE WILL, WE WILL! And the one who got your job is coming over to watch it too, but tbh, I want you there as well (v)

  3. yeah just rub some more salt into it! j/k, of course I wanted to be there, but it wasn't meant to be.

    Good luck though!

  4. I must say, I'm a little bit disappointed! After all those stories about how great Sweden is in Icehocky, I expected a little more!

    2-0, that isn't "crushing" in my book!

    Glad they won though. Hope it's just a little stage fright!

  5. Yeah we should have won with more. That was a little bit embarrasing tbh. But we won and that's the main point!


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