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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A tribute to my friends. + Fucked up haircutting?

I got my hair cut today... and it was a very interesting experience indeed. Not very smart of them to serve me f*cking tea while getting my hair cut. Can you figure out why? Also, I had an interesting conversation and arm wrestling with Spanish CM Sara yesterday. Turns out she had no clue about what Handball is. Well, I still think Spain is a tribe and not a country anyways. :P

Handball IS a Sport!
Here is the proof, dear Sara, whom I beat twice in arm wrestling. Enjoy the boring sport of handball!

WTF?! Are you serving me TEA?!
First of all. This part of my post is dedicated to Henric Thornér, that wanted to know ALL about when I got my hair cut. I'll marry this guy one day, seriously.

Get a hair cut AND an adventure at the place in Elliots Hotel! It started of nice as usual. Pretty girl washing my hair and me feeling like a god (cause I must admit, that is the best part of getting your hair cut). Then I was sat down for the cutting to begin. "Are you Russian?" they asked me. The only way I could get them to understand I was Swedish was to say "Ikea". LOL! I think they dropped things like 3-4 times allower the place, it was really funny actually.

Then suddenly they offered me a cup of tea, which is a story in it self. Why the fuck do they serve TEA in a hair saloon? First I struggled to find a moment to drink it, cause the hair dresser was pushing my head around so I had to like chase the cup with my mouth. Then when I finally found a moment, as she went away to get something, I rushed for the cup and started to drink. Unfortunately, a lot of the loose hair that she had been cutting, fell down in the cup (unevitable) and I was not able to drink it anyway! YAY! Then I never managed to find the next open stop to eat the brownie they gave me, so I had to leave it behind.

BUT! Actually I got another washing of my hair, for whatever good that was for. Was I too dirty? Don't think so, I freaking shower and was my hair every morning, LIKE E PRO! I hope you girls are reading this, so you know how FRESH I am... and you too Kyle, Daniel, Michael, Henric, Timo and all the other boys I like.

Gym day today!
Never seen this topic before have you? ;) Well tonight is the night! I'm going there, I'm doin' it! At least for a bit! Well... that's all I wanted to say really.


  1. poor kai, how does he feel abt you dissing him for Henric? :P

  2. Joakim, Handball is so NOT a sport and I did win the war :p

  3. Mangoraja: He is used to it :P

    Sara: Only in your mind, only in your mind ;)

  4. Hair salons should be more about service and comfort, like serving of tea, something to eat, really comfy chairs and a singing barbershop quartet. Too bad they are just about extinct.

  5. ehmmm... so this gib people gave you tea while cutting your hair...?? Jesus, stupid them!! The best part comes when we find out at the end seems like you drunk it!!! ... dada lover, we love your block.
    With love,
    The monkeys.


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