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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Badminton Humiliation Video + Hockey updates!

Today's badminton was extraordinary. We beat Fredrik and Kim-Kim and humiliated them with a video of them doing the agreed physical punishment. When we came home, Kai cooked some really nice noodle dish for us. Incredible. I also have an updated list of upcoming hockey games in this blog post.

Tasting Kai's "noodle"
Incredible I say. It was some spicy pork, spicy noodles and spicy vegetables. Very good Kai, this was one of the best fast and tasty dishes I've had!

More of this please, noodle-master!

Beating Fredrik and Kim-Kim in Badminton!
Today we were playing badminton again. This time though, we agreed to make the game more interesting by adding some sort of physical punishment for the team the looses. Fortunately my team won, meaning me and Kai. Although later on we lost and got the same fate (we, as in Fredrik and I this time), but that's another story.

See the video for Fredrik and Kim-Kim's punishment! They weren't that happy about it, but they agreed to let me blog about it at least :) Thanks!

Ice Hockey Schedule
I got the times for the remaining games, as well as possible opponents. See below for more details. All games that includes Sweden will be watched by me, at my and Kai's place. If anyone wants to join in, feel free! Last hockey evening was really nice!

  • 25/2, 06:00 CET - Quarter Final: Sweden - Slovakia/Norway
  • 26/2, 21:00 CET - Semi Final: Sweden - Russia/Canada
  • 28/2, 04:00 CET - Bronze Game?: Sweden - USA/Finland/Checz
  • 28/2, 21:15 CET - Final: Sweden - USA/Finland/Checz


  1. I will try to force my dear flat mate to post it here in the comments for ya. But he is really tired now and needs to save his strength for the badminton game tomorrow. He knows he will get no food unless he wins ;)

  2. as a poker player, you have to pay to see!


  3. I read the bad news mate, sorry.

    I feel your pain (Don't know if you got the Sven Kramer story or not, but he was disqualified after his coach sent him into the wrong lane).

  4. Well what can you do really. Can't win everytime! :(


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