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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two birthday partys and a dinner!

We have so far had a VERY eventful weekend, and while I'm writing this, Fredrik almost lit fire on the kitchen... never let him make cockporn... erhm, popcorn again. :P The pan is ruined and it smells like burnt chemicals. :P I love it!

Fredrik got face-pwned!
We had a surprise party for Fredrik last Friday, and you can say he was surprised. We were about 20 people and we had some great dinner and ate some really tasty cake. Afterwards we went to the casino, then to Savannas and then I myself finished off by going to chaos, which was pretty lame tbh.

See more pictures and read the full story at Kim-Kim's blog post about her boyfriends birthday party!

Dinner for six + Bozena got assed!
Yesterday I went shopping with Fredrik and Kim-Kim, then I cooked dinner for some of my favorite girls, and Kai. It was blue cheese filled chicken filéts with crispy bacon rolled on the outside. Then I had mushroms, onion and some more blue cheese covering the whole thing. To this I simply had some fries.


After the dinner Jun, Quisqueya and I went to Bozenas birthday party, but I didn't stay for very long. It was pretty nice, and the stripper thing just made me laugh so hard I thought I would puke :P. I had a great time! If you weren't there, you really missed something!

Today we spent a lot of time at the jacuzzi - Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Kai and I. Then we played Little Big Planet and Soul Calibur IV. Great day all in all. Weekends is the shit.


  1. Haha, sory abt the pan, we're buying u guys a new one! :P I had really funt his weekend! BTW, we didn't eat lunch stupid, it was dinner ;)

  2. It's okay. Just buy us a Jacuzzi and we can call it even! ;)

    Oh :P Will correct it NAUW! :P Had a great time guys!

  3. You shitface, why didnt you mention me on the dinner as well, just the girls! Or Kim for that matter (allthough she might be included in "the girls").

  4. Get a penis and I'll mention you. ;)


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