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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hockey updates + Game Night!

I realised there was a huge error in the Hockey Schedule. I will correct this in this post. Also, Sweden beat Germany with 2-0 yesterday! Tonight we had a game night with Yukiko, Kai, Kim-Kim and Fredrik!

Kicking virtual ass!
Today was the big Game Night that we have been talking about so long. Yukiko brought some of her games, which of 66,66666% she or her team had made.

Then we played some Soul Calibur IV and literally kicked some Virtual Ass (Yukiko did such a beautiful finish of once). Then we played some Bionic Commando Re-Armed and had such a great time. The game is made by Grin, a company consisting of a lot of old friends of ours. 4 player game, platform based and a really good game night game! Kai kicked ass in the end, although he wasn't very good the last time we played.

Ice Hockey Olympics!
Sweden won their first game in the Ice Hockey Olympics, against GERMANY, 2-0! Haha eat that! Tomorrow there will be Belarus that will have to take it up the ***.

By the way, this is the REAL schedule, as the previous one was incorrect:
  • 19/2, 21:00 CET: Sweden - Belarus
  • 22/2, 06:00 CET: Sweden - Finland

Going to Cadiz Festival!
I'm going on Saturday with Daniel, Quisqueya and the others to Cadiz/Rota to the Carnival/Festival there. I'm suppose to dress out as something. Daniel and Quis will take me to La Linea tomorrow to help me find something.

On sunday I'm eating pancakes btw! Just for you information! I got my private chef! I'm sure you can't guess who! ;)


  1. Sweden is going to kick ass! I know it for sure! :]

  2. Good, Herr Bergman. Once again, you saved a long-beard project.


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