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Friday, February 5, 2010

Poker Night + Cheering for Kai! + Happy B-day Fredrik!

Wednesdays poker night was magical. Two really rare thing happened and I will tell you all about it soon. Yesterday we were also cheering for Kai, that had his first matches. To find out how it went, keep reading!

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Results: The Poker Night
The poker night was so mad. It was Jonas, Kyle, Daniel, Nadia, Henrik, Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Anke, Jun, Sergei and I. First of all, I went with profit for once! I think it's because Simeon wasn't there, cause we jinx each other. Let's say I had a few good hands. Check out the left picture and see if you can make out what I managed to FLOP!

Then, the second picture, shows three very special hands... which didn't win this hand. The winner was the face-down waterboat player Sergei, who won with ten four off suit.

Kai was like Bruce Lee!
This guy is unbelievable. He is the champ of badminton, totally annihilated his victims in this beastlike games of badminton! He won both games and from now on, he will always be the Bruce Lee of badminton to me! :) Good job Kai! I hope you win everything!

Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Anke and I went there to cheer for him. We also sang a cheer song (don't know the correct term in english) which was a bit... awkward, but he got embarrased so I guess our mission was successful. :)

Later we went to the casino and ate natchos until we almost puked and had some drinks and danced crazy dances infront of everyone. I think I will get lot's of women now. They looked at me like they wanted a piece ;)

Happy birthday Fredrik!
Today is Fredriks Birthday! He is now 16 years old and old enough to be with a woman! No, but I hope your day will be great and filled with presents and that you enjoy the cake and stuff!

I now want everyone to sing for Fredrik whenever you see him. (I already did so I don't have to) ;)

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