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Monday, February 22, 2010

Carnival footage! + Finland goes DOWN!

This blog post is about my trip to Rota with Daniel, to meet up with Quisqueya, Adam, Thrall & Thralla, Lucas & Sister, Monika & Eikol as well as Damir. I will also cover the trip back as well as the pancake night yesterday and last but not least the match between Sweden and Finland this morning.

Carnival - Saturday
The carnival in Rota, Cadiz was great. We stayed there during Saturday evening to Sunday mid day. I haven't had this much fun partying in... I don't know how long. Thanks everyone for making it happen, especially Quisqueya that organised it all!

Going home to pancake night!
On sunday morning we took a stroll around Rota to see how it looked like, and I tell you, it looked FINE! :)

After this, Daniel, Quis and I met up with the others to have lunch at this restaurant. After that it was time to go home and Daniel & I recorded a bit as we had our perfect road trip. Sorry for the first video, didn't realize how I was holding the camera. I know, FISH! :P

Finland - KABAAAM! 3 - 0 to Sweden!
What can I say, Finland was PWNED! Pekka I hope you are reading this, and weeping cause you didn't manage to "get it in" ;)

This is the first time I've seen Sweden play a really good defence so far in this tournament. Also offensively we had a really good edge at the Finns. I think we got like an avarage 17 shots on goal, while Finland only got around 5 in one period.

Go go Sweden, next game is against either Slovakia or Norway, played on:


  1. I like the song in the second video, is so nice:)
    Thrall & Thralla?? I bet that is a long story...


  2. Ah, it's okay I guess :)

    Ask Quiqe about the thrall thing :P


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